Passive Fire Protection Systems


    • Single compound, permanent elastic, non-corrosive Fire retardant sealing compound with high voltage insulation & weather proofing properties.• To seal gaps of cable / pipes / metal penetrations in concrete / cement walls, metal panels or board partitions where sealing by conventional means is difficult or not possible.• Unique feature of mould ability, self-adhesive, non-drying, retains elasticity, can be removed & reused safely for fire sealing.• Excellent ageing properties and is recommended up to 150° C for continuous operating temp. However its actual softening point is about 200° C.• Non-toxic, Non-irritant, harmless to skin. Can be applied on Cement, Steel, Aluminium, Copper, porcelain etc.
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  2. Fire Retardant Coating

    PFP 777 FIRE-EX is one part non-flammable water based coating similar in appearance to ordinary latex base paint. Upon exposure to flame or heat, it immediately foams and swells providing an effective insulation and heat shield to protect the subsurface.PFP 777 FIRE-EX can be applied to many types of surfaces providing an attractive flat finish.PFP 777 FIRE-EX is Suitable for both indoor & outdoor use. Once cured, will not wash off with rain water.PFP 777 FIRE-EX prevents fire causing due to short circuit within an electrical cable. It helps in identify the location of such a short circuit by forming a char at that spot.The main function of PFP 777 FIRE-EX coating is to prevent flame propagation along vertical and horizontal cable ways. PFP 777 FIRE-EX coating can be easily applied by conventional methods such as spray and brush, as well as by hand trowel.PFP 777 FIRE-EX can be applied to grouped cables or single cables. PFP 777 FIRE-EX forms a protective char when exposed to flame or to a temperature above 200ºC.
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  3. Fire Barrier

    • PFP 772 PRECISION FIRE-EX MORTAR BARRIER is a non-combustible fire protection mortar to seal cable penetrations through walls and ceilings.• It is designed to seal the penetration gaps such that the other side of the wall and floor are protected from fire, smoke & heat.• PFP 772, is upto 4 Hrs Fire Rated mortar barrier & it is pre-mixed dry blend, consisting of minerals, inorganic fillers & fire retardant agents.• When mixed with water it produces a trowel able or Pourable grade.• While curing, the mortar expands slightly & ensures an air tight seal around penetrations and within the opening.• Once installed, PFP 772 Mortar sets within Approximately 30 - 60 minutes.• Meets IS: 12458 test standards
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